Is there a descent life for the sub-Saharan African (SSA) aging populations?

Kamel Esseghairi, Mediterranean Institute of Social Economy

National and global aging impacts on are tremendous. Contrary to enormous gains in longevity in developing world, population aging in SSA, now and to come, is frightening and gloomy. Rich countries are able, and often, compelled to build strong societies for all ages. This is not the case for SSA since it has been assigned by globalisation role of cheapest “raw materials producer” and “full scale consumer”. The SSA elderly daily life (security, comfort, health) is simply an ordeal and will go worsening. This paper presents arguments from heavily populated sub-Saharan African countries to address the population aging complex issues that concern not only elderly well-being but also broader areas and sectors affecting the total population, such as health, labour markets and public finances. It challenges international community for its pretension to assist the needy and excluded as it has been stated in the declarations and commitments such as the MDGs

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