Gender based violence in Akungba-Akoko of South Western Nigeria: Are men victimized?

Emmanuel A Fayankinnu, Adekunle Ajasin University

There is little or no population-based study conducted on domestic violence (DV) meted toward men by women in Nigeria. This paper identify forms of domestic violence men experience from women (intimate partner); the prevalence rate; and its consequences on men’s social well being and psychological health. Situated in a qualitative and quantitative design, findings revealed that 84.2% of men have experience at least an act of DV. Men and women reported that Verbal/psychological (76% and 60.7%) and sexual violence (58.9% and 68.8%) constitute the major forms of DV experienced by Men. Men are equally violated as women but grossly under-reported. Qualitative findings indicate that men who have experienced one form of domestic violence are likely to manifest low social and psychological health; have extra marital affairs- rendering them susceptible to STIs and HIV/AIDs; and alienated from self identity. The paper concludes with recommendations.

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Presented in Session 30: Gender-based violence: prevalence and consequences 2